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Good Intent man arrested after Police found 80.3 grams ganja at his house

A team of Police from the Wales Police Station held a raid exercise in the Belle West, West Bank Demerara community district between 04:00 hours and 07:30 hours today (December 10).

During the said exercise, a 27-year-old unemployed man of Good Intent, West Bank Demerara, was seen running from a house into large vegetation.

The ranks pursued the man and he was later captured and escorted back to the house where the ranks conducted a search in his presence during which a quantity of leaves, seeds, and stems suspected to be Cannabis Sativa was found.

Also, two (2) music boxes and two (2) DVD players suspected to have been stolen, were found.

The suspect was escorted to the Wales Police Station where the cannabis was weighed in his presence, which amounted to 80.3 grams.

The suspect is currently in custody at the Wales Police Station pending court appearance.

(Police Corporate Communications Unit Press release)


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