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GMR&SC forges ahead with upgrades to South Dakota Circuit

The Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) is aiming to complete upgrades to the South Dakota Circuit by November despite facing a lack of funding to do so.

South Dakota 19/06/2022 (Photo: Jeremy Jagroop)

The GMR&SC began upgrades to sections of the track at the South Dakota Circuit a few months ago after complaints were raised by some local drivers.

In April 2018, FIA officials inspected the circuit and made suggestions to help bring the track up to international standards.

Mohamed Shiraz Roshandin, Vice President of the GMR&SC, said; “We’re doing the expansion of the track to bring it up to an FIA Grade 3 standard. We have already laid out the track, we’ve already cleared out the bushes. On Sunday, a few guys in pick-up trucks will drive on the actual layout to get a feel of it but it will be on sand and loam to get an idea of what the track will look like.”

The GMR&SC is also set to host their National Race of Champions on Sunday July 17 at the South Dakota Circuit with tickets on sale for adults ($1000) and children ($500).

Roshandin notes that upgrades to the track are one of the major goals for the GMR&SC this year under the newly appointed Mahendra ‘Raj’ Boodhoo led board.

“Because of covid everything was down and we’re not trying to rebuild the sport and rebuild our competitors’ base and move forward into our November event. After that for the 2023, then we’ll make bigger steps.”

Section of the track being expanded (Photo: GMR&SC)

The main obstacle delaying the completion of the track is a lack of funding.

“At this point we don’t have enough funding to actually asphalt the track.”

Roshandin hopes the track can be completed by November in time for their most highly anticipated race on the annual calendar.

This race typically attracts international attention due to the fact that a number of Caribbean competitors would fly in to Guyana for it.

“We’re hoping the international track, the Grade 3 FIA surface will be finished for November so we can attract more foreign investors, more foreign competitors, and also get the series from overseas to be part of South Dakota Racing.”


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