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GCOPD hails First Lady’s business centre for Persons with Disabilities

Programme Coordinator of the Guyana Council of Organisations for Persons with disabilites , Ganesh Singh, said the venture provides employment opportunities to persons with disabilities.

“This initiative will ensure that persons with disabilities are provided with opportunities for employment, and through this, we know they will be financially independent,” Singh stated.

According to Singh, most of the opportunities for persons with disabilities are done within Region Four. As such, he said that he is happy that the centre will be housed in Region Six.

“So, with having this facility in region six, it will go a far way in ensuring that those individuals with disabilities from that region have the opportunity to develop and at the same time gain employment.”

The business centre is the brainchild of the First Lady, who believes that these individuals must be provided with the resources, opportunities, knowledge, and skills needed to increase their capacity to determine their future and fully participate in community life.

The government has committed to constructing the facility, which will be located in Region six, while the Office of the First Lady will be responsible for furnishing the centre, providing start-up capital, and implementing the programme. The centre will support entrepreneurs and creatives from other regions.

The centre will comprise five workstations that will allow these persons to manufacture products ranging from craft to snacks, a retail space for those products to be sold, a boardroom for meetings and training, and a therapy room, among others.

Construction of the facility is expected to commence within a few months, during which discussions will be held with various groups representing the disability community to solicit and incorporate their ideas.


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