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‘First Lady’ park to be opened in 2 months with facility to offer free internet service to students

A section of the park

The West Coast will soon have what can be considered their first recreational park when the ‘First Lady’ park located at La Jalousie opens its gates. The recreational space is referred to as the ‘First Lady’ park because the project was conceptualised with her vision. However, once completed a name will be chosen for the facility.

This was revealed by Chairman of Region Three, Ishan Ayube who provided an update on works at the park. This park is located at the seawall surroundings (side to Pyramid Restaurant and Pub) and caters to offer a recreational space for families. Though the space is already open to the public, the final touches still need to be made and are scheduled to completion in two months times.

The planting of trees, installation of street lights and benches are among some of the work completed.

A 'ONE GUYANA' sign on display at the park

“When we finish with the laying of this sand and compact it then we will be having two benabs and in between we will have cubicles that we will be doing flower planting inside. We will assess it and see how many cubicles we will put it inside. Additonally, to that we will have other benches apart from those on the seawalls. We also have intention of putting down a fountain and further down we will put in the necessary facility where children can recreate,” the Regional Chairman said as he explained what other works are yet to be done.

He also highlighted that a private company will also be operating around the surrounding area of the park. The top floor of the building will function as a facility where students can go and access free internet service while the bottom floor will house a canteen.

(yellow building) The building which will house the canteen and students who wishes to complete their work after school hours

Based on observations by MTV News Update, a large number of persons- particularly families have begun visiting the park and according to the Chairman that was the aim of this project, as it falls in line with President Irfaan Ali’s ‘One Guyana’ initiative.

Persons are being urged to not destroy the benches etc. at the park and also desist from littering. The park is free and open to the public.

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