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Fire ravages State building housing Region Six REO

The house, which was destroyed by fire

A fire of unknown origin on Saturday morning destroyed the building which housed the Regional Executive Officer (REO) of Region Six, Navindra Persaud, and his family.

According to information reaching MTV News Update, the fire started at about 7:45h. At the time, the REO and his family had travelled to Georgetown.

Reports are that a security guard who was on duty saw smoke emanating from the building and immediately informed the REO, who called the Guyana Fire Service (GFS).

By the time firefighters arrived at the location, the building was already engulfed in flames. Notwithstanding, Persaud estimated his losses to be in the millions.

He also noted that a few weeks ago, he had to call the Guyana Power Light in Region Six after encountering some electrical problems. A probe surrounding the circumstances of the fire has been launched.


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