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Females responding well to ‘special’ TVET courses in Wismar Linden – Hamilton

As the Ministry of Labour continues to roll out training programmes in six specific areas, the response from females has been promising in welding and fabrication, an area that is normally dominated by males.

This was observed in Wismar Linden, Region 10 as Labour Minister Joseph Hamilton conducted visits to three different training sites that are offering welding and fabrication skill sets through the Board of Industrial Training (BIT).

In Half Mile Wismar Linden, 15 persons including nine males and 6 females were observed undergoing extensive training in this skill set. 

In Block 22 Wismar Linden, there were 15 who are benefiting from the course.  Three girls and 12 males were enrolled in this site. Minister Hamilton at the sidelines of the visit said he is very pleased that females are responding to these courses being offered.

“Well I am very pleased with what I’ve seen, the fact is that, importantly in both programmes that I have visited so far, females are in the programme, so that’s a win for all of us.”

“I have been saying that women have to think outside of the box, and they have to move into other skills training and other types of jobs, so that's the first thing,” the Minister stated.

The Labour Minister told participants that there are a lot of opportunities for them once they complete the course and receive their certificates.

Although the ministry has been providing TVET courses through the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) a special project within BIT was launched, focusing specifically in welding and fabrication, heavy duty equipment operation, mechanic, electrical installation, plumbing and general building construction.

This ‘special project’ was launched in Regions Two, Five, Six and 10.

 179 persons in the town of Linden have responded to the special project.

However, more individuals  have been indicating their interests in doing these courses. 

“If you note the tutor is saying to me here, that everyday, more persons are coming, wanting to be involved in this programme, and so that is a very good thing that people are responding to be trained.”

“We launched at the same time in Kwakwani, about 70 persons training, electrical installation and joinery. Those are the two programmes we launched there, about 70 persons.” he noted

The Minister also expressed his satisfaction with the trainees’ enthusiasm towards the training programmes. “This is what they wanted to do, to uplift themselves.” 

He also explained that all these courses are directly linked to emerging sectors in the economy. 

“If you note, all of these skill sets have a relationship to a sector, when we talk about building more houses in Linden […] we can’t discuss that unless we’re training more persons to be contractors, to build, plumbers, electricians. And so that is a factor.”

According to Technical Officer at the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) Tenesha Dennis, the programme commenced from August 8, 2022 and persons will be getting their certification by December 8, 2022.


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