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Express International Inc pledges clean up crew of 20 for one year to support seawall clean up

Express International Inc on Saturday launched ‘Ken Kares’, an organisation geared at promoting a clean and eco- friendly environment while supporting vulnerable young women and children.

Speaking at the launch of the ceremony was the founder, Ken Deocharran who said that establishing an organisation that gives back to the community has always been a dream of his, since he is passionate about a clean and sustainable environment along with improving the lives of others.

“The goal is to focus on the elderly, women and children and especially in the remote areas where no one gets into, no one knows about and no one sees…Those are the ones I want to focus on,” he said as he received loud applause from the crowd.

Meanwhile, Mayor Ubraj Narine who addressed the gathering at the Kingston seawall lauded the organisation and said that this initiative is timely as it will help to maintain the city’s beauty.

“I believe more hands will make the work lighter […] Let us work together to keep our city and seawall clean,” Narine remarked as he appealed to the public to desist from littering.

It was also announced by Express International Inc. that 20 of their employees will support the efforts of Seawalls and Beyond, another organisation that maintains the cleanliness of the area for 12 months.

The company also donated several items such as gloves and garbage bags to seawalls and beyond to show their support towards their effort to maintain the city.

At the end of the launching ceremony, the team also took part in a cleanup exercise along the Kingston seawall as their first official project.


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