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Ethan Lee maintains dominance in Junior chess division

Ethan Lee at FIDE Chess Olympiad in Chennai, India (Photo: Khushal Lam)

National Chess players who have recently returned from the 44th FIDE chess Olympiad in Chennai have managed to improve their international standing, including Ethan Lee, who remains the top Junior player in Guyana.

Guyana’s Chess team participated in the biennial FIDE Chess Olympiad in Chennai, India, on August 9, 2022, having increased the country’s international rankings for the Women by 16 places and the Open team by four places.

With players competing against the toughest players from around the world, the tournament is an opportunity to increase or decrease ratings significantly.

19-year-old Ethan Lee, who was competing in his first Olympiad, increased his rating points and now sits at 1523.

Lee notably reached his first Junior title earlier this year when he brought the Championship to a tense tie break, eventually conceding the trophy to Ricardo Narine.

Despite that, in June this year, Lee became the highest-rated junior player and one of thecountry’s top ten highest-rated chess players.

His recent impressive performance at the Olympiad in Chennai helped him remain dominant on the Junior Chess scene.

Guyana's Open team at the Olympiad (Photo: Khushal Lam)

Candidate Master Taffin Khan remains the highest ranked player in the country with 2005 points after playing on Board One for Guyana’s National Open team. This was Khan’s fourth consecutive Olympiad, and he finished on 4.5 points as the only player for Guyana to play all eleven rounds with no breaks.

FIDE Master Anthony Drayton, who was playing in his fourth Olympiad, gained 33 points, bringing him to 1961 as the country’s third highest-rated active player. Loris Nathoo also gained rating points, reaching 1702, while Roberto Neto is at 1651.

12 year old Anaya Lall (Photo: Khushal Lam)

On the Womens’ side, 12-year-old Anaya Lall, who was previously unrated, gained a rating of 1166 after defeating highly rated players in Chennai.

For active players listed for Guyana on the FIDE website, the top five rated females are all from the recent team that competed in the Olympiad. From first to fifth place are Jessica Callender, Sasha Shariff, Anaya Lall, Pooja Lam, and Nellisha Johnson.

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