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Employment opportunities for migrants still a challenge

The crisis in Venezuela has forced citizens to flee to neighbouring countries including Guyana. Regions One, Two and Seven all have bordering communities that have seen an influx of migrants.

Regional Chairman of Region One, Brentnol Ashley in a telephone interview with News Update explained that the availability of employment for these migrants has been challenging. According to the Chairman, the number of migrants has increased tremendously which is the main reason for unemployment.

Regional Chairman for Region One - Brentnol Ashley

“While the Government has been providing assistance with food hampers and so forth, it’s not sufficient to keep ongoing to sustain because there is a lack of job opportunities,” he stated.

Coupled with unemployment, the Region is unable to provide sufficient shelter for these persons, Ashley noted “but the Government is working towards addressing some of the issues.” Meanwhile, Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo during a recent outreach meeting in Charity, Region Two said migrants should be treated with dignity and respect.

He told the audience that the Government will help Guyanese and others who have returned to Guyana’s shores.


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