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The Traffic Department of the Guyana Police Force has reported that seven persons were killed while using electric cycles. Electronically operated motorcycles in the last six months had become a national phenomenon with more and more persons becoming users of this cost and energy efficient cycles.

Traffic Chief Dennis Stephens told MTV News Update that 12 persons were injured while using these electric cycles.

“The electronic motorcycles has been a challenge for the traffic department. It must be noted that so far for the year… Seven persons have lost their lives because of using the electronic cycles. And 12 persons would have received serious injuries.”

Stephens further expounded that the majority of the persons using the cycles are not licensed riders and as such, the knowledge of road safety is lacking. To this end, he noted that the department is still in talks with the Guyana Revenue Authority for the bikes to be regularised.

“The Traffic Department would have made several engagements with GRA to have these electronic cycles to be registered and that will be soon to come on stream… To have these cycles registered”


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