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Drivers complain of electric bikes on main roads - Calls for an age limit for users

In wake of the recent increase in electric bikes on the roadways, Stabroek Market Square drivers shared their concerns to a team from News Update.

They informed this newscast that the number of electric bikes now poses a challenge for them.

Electric bikes do not have license plate numbers and most of the time, the users are without helmets. There are also no regulations in place to govern the use of these bikes in Guyana.

An electric bike.

As such, drivers are calling on the relevant authorities to put regulations in place, such as an ‘age limit’ for users

Divisional Traffic Officer of Division 4 (a) Deputy Superintendent Timothy Williams in January said in the future, there should be laws implemented to regulate these electric bikes.

“We don't want electric bikes to get involved in accidents and because the rider is not permitted or authorised by some document, we cannot prosecute them,"

the traffic officer pointed out. The Deputy Superintendent said that these bikes poses a concern to the force.


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