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Dharamlall says APNU/AFC scared to go to Local Government Elections

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Nigel Dharamlall while delivering his "fiery" speech during the final day of budget 2022 debate called out the APNU/AFC coalition saying "they are scared to go to elections".

The Local Government Minister said

"they are fearful of losing so they want to remain that way until for the next few months .They were scared of losing some of their NDCs but you know what? Come Local Government Election y'all go lose a lot of NDCs you will lose more constituencies."

Minister of Local Government ,Hon. Nigel Dharamlall moments before delivering his speech (Nigel Dharamlall photo)

He also bashed the APNU/AFC coalition for the alleged corruption among themselves .He said

"they're not sure if they are gonna contest as APNU, APNU/AFC or PNC you are in a condiry the PNC is in a condiry right now."

Local Government Elections were subjected to be held last year November. However, it was postponed as the Guyana Elections Commission had indicated that they were not prepared to facilitate such .

A whopping $4.1 billion dollars has been allocated in this year's budget for the Election and the subject Minister assured that it will be held once GECOM is ready.


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