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Cycling Federation to shortlist preliminary team for Caribbean Championships

The Guyana is currently prepping to host the Caribbean Cycling Championship for the first time, while the local Federation seeks to shortlist a team to compete.

Some prize winners in the Caribbean Junior Cycling Championships held in Guyana in August 2019 (Photo: US Virgin Islands Cycling)

Guyana has never hosted this major regional event, but we have hosted the junior edition of the Championship in August of 2019 in Bartica.

President of the Guyana Cycling Federation Linden Dowridge notes that he has engaged Director of Sport Steve Ninvalle, who promised the National Sports Commission’s support towards the hosting of the Caribbean Championship.

“He has asked me to make little adjustments to the budget, utilising the Government’s transportation resources to bring that cost down a bit.”

“Once we’re successful in hosting that, whereas from now I can’t see any obstacles presenting itself, it’s going to be a spectacular event.”

In terms of the local team’s performance, Dowridge says local cyclists should be able to “give a good account of ourselves” with the busy competitive calendar awarding them a good opportunity to stay in top condition ahead of the Championship.

Additionally, the Federation has moved their National Championships from the earlier part of the year to the end of September to ensure top local cyclists remain in shape leading up to the Caribbean Championship.

The Guyana Cycling Federation plans to shortlist a potential team to represent Guyana at the event by the end of June. From this list, the names are subject to change every three months based on athletes’ performance.

Linden Dowridge

“We’re going to have approximately 210 persons from across the Caribbean coming to Guyana to compete in the elite classification, that’s what we call seniors, and of course the ladies. This is the first time the Ladies Caribbean Championship event will be held here.”

For overall preparation, Dowridge says arrangements are about 60% completed at this point in time.

Dowridge also stated that accommodations for incoming athletes from the Caribbean has been secured early, since the Caribbean Premier League is set to be held from August-September this year with Guyana as one of the host countries.


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