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"Cross Eye" gets 13 years, 6 months jailed over rape, assault of 16-year-old girl

Corwyn Arthur, also known as "Cross Eye"

Corwyn Arthur, also known as "Cross Eye," who is currently serving 15 years in jail for fatally stabbing his ex-lover's husband in 2018, was on Monday handed another 13 years, six months for raping and brutally assaulting a 16-year-old girl in 2013.

The court heard that on December 17, 2013, he sexually penetrated the teenager without her consent. The act also led to an assault on the teen, causing her bodily harm.

In March last, Arthur was found guilty of the offences by Justice Priya Sewnarine-Beharry following a trial in the Demerara Sexual Offences Court.

Reports are that on the day in question, the teen was walking home from a friend's birthday party when she saw a heavily tinted car driving behind her.

Arthur, 31, exited the car and attacked the girl with a knife. She managed to run a short distance before falling onto the roadway.

As a result, the convicted killer dragged the teen into the bushes and attempted to pull off her underwear.

The girl then raised an alarm but was dealt one blow to her head with the knife by Arthur. In fact, he then slashed her on the forehead with the knife and raped her.

After committing the act, he made good his escape but was later arrested and identified by the victim.

In handing down her sentence, Justice Sewnarine-Beharry assessed several aggravating and mitigating factors in reaching a fitting punishment for the convict.

Among the factors is Arthur's lack of remorse, the permanent scar the victim received on her face from the brutal attack backed by the fact that the teen was raped unprotected, exposing her to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

The High Court Judge sentenced him to 13 years, six months on the rape charge, and 18 months on the assault charge. The sentences will run concurrently.

However, the 13-year sentence will only take effect after he finishes serving the 15-year sentence for manslaughter.

Attorney-at-law Madan Kissoon represented Arthur, while State Counsels Mohammed Ali, Nafeeza Baig, and Latifah Elliot presented the prosecution's case.

In 2009, Aurthur was acquitted on a rape charge and has similar charges pending against him.

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