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Constitutional Bodies operation uneven since 2018 - Minister Teixeira

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance Gail Teixeira while appearing on the talk show "BUDGET IN FOCUS" said "that constitutional bodies fulfilling their mandates has been uneven you can't make a sweeping comment about all of them."

Ms. Teixeira said that the bodies who have been fulfilling their duties effectively are not not faced with challenges as compared to those who have been unable to fulfill their mandate.

"Parliament Office yes, Auditor office yes the PPP yes but then there are some who are challenged in terms of capacity or some have expired so we have to elect them "

HON.Gail Teixeira ,Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance on Budget In Focus

When questions aroused on how soon a body for these expired committee will come into place the Parliamentary and Governance Minister said

"Well hopefully after budget we can move away and elect these committee."

Ms. Teixiera further noted that "bodies such as GECOM needs to rebuild their trust in the people especially after last year drama"

As a result of these challenges, in Budget 2022 larger sum of monies are proposed for constitutional bodies.


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