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CM Wendell Meusa named new national blitz chess champion

The Guyana Chess Federation recently concluded their first National Blitz Championship in 2 years, with Candidate Master Wendell Meusa named as the new national champion.

CM Wendell Meusa

CM Wendell Meusa earned the title of National Blitz Champion, after playing undefeated on Saturday February 5th.

For the senior category, Irshad Mohamad came in second with 8 points, only conceding one match to the National Champion Meusa and CM Ronuel Greenidge who finished 3rd with 7 points.

In the 5th round tournament winner Wendell Meusa faced off against runner-up Irshad Mohamad.

The match was a tense back-and-forth trade in advantage, but just as Mohamad attempted to convert his advantage into a crushing win, but his time had elapsed, handing Meusa the national title.

Tejasvarun Kandavel

Reigning Junior Champion Keron Sandiford was unable to retain his title after losing to Tejasvarun Kandavel in the final round of the tournament. This game ended up being the deciding factor whether Sandiford would hold on to his title or if the 11-year-old Kandavel would succeed in taking it away.

The game ended in Sandiford’s resignation, making way for Tejasvarun Kandavel to be crowned the 2022 Junior Blitz Champion after a decisive 18 move victory in the final round.

Kandavel finished the tournament on 5.5 points after defeating five of his opponents and drawing his match against, Jessica Callender who received the Best Female prize.

Callender finished the tournament on 5 points after winning four of her games and drawing two matches.

Jessica Callender


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