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CCAC Director urges customers to "be careful" as some businesses increase price amid school season

Scores of parents and guardians are out in their numbers, shopping and preparing for the new school year which begins on September 5. However, many persons have complained that businesses and vendors have raised their prices on school items. In light of these concerns, Director (Ag) of the Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC), Anil Sukhdeo has urged shoppers to “be careful as you go out and shop.”

He reminded shoppers they have the power when it comes to the purchasing of goods.

“You are ultimately responsible for your purchase. Spend your money as wisely as possible. Don’t go into stores that don’t offer refund policy, warranty policy. Stay away from those stores. You have options you dictate where you want to spend your money,” he noted during an interview with MTV News Update.

In instances where a shopper does not have options to buy, he advised that the Consumer Affairs Commission is there to provide representation should something go wrong. This means, consumers can take their concerns to the commission where they (the commission) will then determine whether representation can be provided.

Several stores are seemingly increasing prices based on the law of supply and demand. Based on observations, a six pack composition books which usually retails for $1200 has now increased to $1700. Instances like this have led scores of citizens to social media to share their concerns. Some business owners have responded, blaming inflation.

To support students, the Government through the Ministry of Education has distributed a cash grant valued at $30,000. Both public and private school students are beneficiaries of this grant.

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