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Bus operators call for fuel prices to be further reduced

Senior Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh on Wednesday last while presenting budget 2022 announced that the Government will be lowering the excise tax on gasoline and diesel from 20 percent to 10 percent.

News update visited several bus parks across the city where the operators praised the Government for proposing to further reduce the cost of gasoline and diesel.

However, the bus operators still believe this should further be reduced considering the process they have to operate within and the increased cost of living.

“I think it can go down a bit more because when you compare the gas price with the trip the men normally make when the day come the trips have been cut in half because of how slow the place is and what’s going on in the country with the pandemic and so. So the gas price should go down a bit more and that would compare them to the trip and the passenger that they carry when the day come a good drop would be currently is 21 so it can go to 18 and I believe that something that would be significant for the transportation community in the country cause what we find is 70% of the working class in the country have bus or taxi and using gas.”

a minibus driver said

“I’m not satisfied with the gas price. The best quality was the v-power and was a $132 per litre the same gas today is $207 per litre that’s significant increase in the gas price now because we have to think about our brothers some people working for less than a $100,000 per month and a $100,000 per month having a husband ,wife and two children gotta pay bills I don’t see it working so I would call on the Government to do something better than what they are doing carry down the gas price to 150 or somewhere around that there.”

“gasoline should drop a little more for the operators to get more from the actual things that going around them because the higher the gas no fare change operators always in the same position the operators complaining to me as the monitor out here but you ain’t finding nobody much said anything about it it went down a bit because it give them a bit more to carry home”

“If we about to we look on the bright side the government presently doing a good job and look into the poor class of people like the gas cause we running a line system right and the line system the gas is too high is one thing because some of we can barely afford a five trip properly.”

In 2021, the Irfaan Ali led administration lowered the excise tax on gasoline and diesel twice. In the first instance it was reduced from 50 to 35 percent and then 35 to 20 percent prior.

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