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Bring your concerns to the National Tripartite Committee on the minimum wage - Labour Minister

Minister of Labour Joseph Hamilton is urging persons with concerns on the $60,000 national minimum wage for the private sector to bring it to the attention of the National Tripartite Committee. The $60,000 National Minimum Wage for the private sector have given birth to a discussion among some sections of the public on what the wage rate should be in light of the high cost of living. Only recently, the Cabinet approved the $60,000 minimum wage for the private sector, that means, $347 hourly, $2, 776 daily, and $13, 880 weekly. Minister Hamilton during a recent interview with MTV News Update in response to the concerned comments from citizens said nothing can be done about these concerns via the press and social media.

Minister of Labour Joseph Hamilton.

“I came here and met an outstanding matter, agreed to by the parties, people representing workers and the private sector, and I promised the workers that I will resolve this matter it has been resolved. And now if people have other concerns then they have to bring it to the ministry for us to again sit down and discuss.” Citizens are recommending at least $80,000 for the minimum wage; however, Minister Hamilton said this must be done through a structural process that involves the National Tripartite Committee. The National Tripartite Committee comprises 18 members, 6 each representing the Government, the Trade Unions Congress and the National Employers’ Organisation under the chair of the Ministry of Labour. “The conversation about what the minimum wage should be cannot happen via people making comments; it has to be done in a structural way. We have a tripartite committee that is established to deal with matters of this sort and that is where this matter was agreed to and concluded at the tripartite committee not in the public square.” He urged persons who want to have that conversation to bring it to the attention of the National Tripartite Committee, which has a statutory meeting monthly. $44, 200 was the initial private sector minimum wage, which was increased from $35,000 in 2017. When the Irfaan Ali led government assumed office, they commenced discussions with the private sector for an increase in the National Minimum wage, which was approved recently.


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