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Bartica-Potaro road being rehabilitated -Road to be widened, potholes to be fixed

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

The Mayor of the Bartica, Gifford Marshall told this newscast that road works at the Bartica- Potaro Road commenced yesterday to widen the road and fix potholes.

The Road is the main access route to residents living in the Town and residents of hinterland communities such as Mahdia and Puruni.

workers on duty at the Bartica Potaro road.

Mayor Marshall said the enhancement of the road became a top priority because of an increase in use by trucks.

"We are at a stage right now where there are a number of sections are badly deteriorated and council at their statutory meeting two Wednesdays ago made a decision based on our subvention programme, they would of acquire some crusher run that’s some stones to do some work in terms of fixing, fixing those patches.”

Mr. Marshall says it is now the Council's hope that similar road projects will be undertaken when monies are allocated in Budget 2023.

“Especially One to Four Miles will see some major works being done through the RDC and indirectly through central government through the public works ministry”

In addition to this, two contracts have been awarded as part of the supplementary program for a drainage plan.

"Culbert in the third avenue, 6th street we’ll construct that and add drains at Byderabo"


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