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Almost 12,000 DV cases recorded in 2022- 40% of 914 calls are domestic abuse

The Ministry of Human Services and Social Security is tracking close to 12,000 cases of domestic violence for the year 2022, this was after Dr. Vindhiya Persaud compared the figure to last year’s report which was recorded at 11,000 cases.

“Through the 914 hotline, a number of calls and I would say directly disregard domestic violence at least 40% of those calls were related to domestic violence of all different forms”

Dr. Persaud said the ministry is paying keen attention to the situation and is working on extending shelters for persons facing abuse.

“Right now, we are working on two shelters to add to the shelters that we have in existence and have partnership we have with NGO for persons who are faced with domestic violence. “

Already, the Ministry has begun training persons in several regions which will help persons identify when someone is in danger, support victims, and report abusers.

“There are people who see it, they get into a habit of reporting it, we also have been training the police force in the top squad initiative. we’ve trained over 4800 of those persons so next we’ll be able to have a graduation for them.”

Minister Persaud is encouraging persons to work with the ministry to spread awareness to help reduce domestic violence.

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