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Agri Ministry procures $450M amphibious excavators to boost flood risk management

The excavator at work (Photo: DPI)

The Ministry of Agriculture, through the National Drainage and Irrigation, hints at major projects will be conducted on the coast to mitigate flood risks in the new year.

Guyana’s flood risk management initiatives have received a major boost with the acquisition of three amphibious excavators.

These machines were procured through a 450-million-dollar loan from the World Bank.

Minister of Agriculture Zulfikar Mustapha, along with representatives of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), were present today at the testing and inspection exercise of the excavators.

Minister Mustapha emphasised that these machines are crucial to furthering development in the agriculture sector and protecting against severe flooding.

“If we can use this machinery we have purchased effectively, we can have a better management system to mitigate the effects of climate change.”

These 30 tonne amphibious excavators are used for dredging while afloat on soft, shallow terrain.

Amphibious excavator

The first major project for this machine will be increasing the height of the dam at the East Demerara Water Conservancy.

It was noted that one of the worst floods in Guyana’s history, the massive 2005 flood, was due in large part to the overtopping of this conservancy.

These machines will be used to do work across the coast, particularly at Regions three, four and five. These areas were prioritised due to the risk posed to the dense population which resides here.

These excavators will significantly build capacity in flood risk management.

Minister Mustapha says that many countries do not have as much arable land or freshwater resources that Guyana possesses, and as such, it remains crucial that we protect it.

“We will be able to use these machines to clear areas… these machines can go into canals and float while excavating. These are modern machines and we will continue to modernize our agriculture sector. We will continue to modernize the infrastructural development.

Furthermore, work will be done at the Liliendaal and Ogle Pump Stations in the new year.


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