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58 Region Nine teachers graduate from ProFutoro programme

The 58 teachers, who graduated from the ProFutoro programme [Photo: Ministry of Education/ September 13, 2022]

Fifty-eight teachers from Region Nine are now certified through the ProFuturo Digital Education Programme.

The first graduation exercise was hosted at the Arapaima Primary School. The 58 graduating teachers are attached to Arapaima Nursery School, Arapaima Primary School, St. Ignatius Nursery School, St. Ignatius Primary School, and St. Ignatius Secondary.

In attendance were the Director of the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD) Quenita Walrond- Lewis, Regional Education Officer for Region Nine, Sherwyn Blackman, Organization of American States- ProFuturo Local Manager Will Campbell and National Project Coordinator- ProFuturo Christine London.

The teachers participated in a two-day innovation and ICT workshop, and upon completion, they received their certification. The modules were created based on the online courses allowing teachers with little to no access to internet services the opportunity to gain knowledge on how they can integrate technology into their lessons and positively transform their classroom.

ProFuturo is a Digital Education Programme that, through innovative digital teaching-learning experiences, enhances teachers´ pedagogical and digital skills and meaningful student learning.


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