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$3.1B approved for Amerindian Development; Food security, youth empowerment among priorities

Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai

The Committee of Supply on Monday approved $3.1 billion in supplementary funds for Amerindian development in the National Assembly.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai informed the Committee of Supply that the sum was derived from the National Toshao Council (NTC) Conference, where village leaders submitted a number of requests to the government to form part of a wider ‘masterplan’.

President Irfaan Ali during the conference announced that the Government would be seeking the $3.1 billion from the National Assembly to finance this masterplan.

Minister Sukkai said every community will be afforded additional financial resources from this allocation but they must first identify from among the list, their immediate priorities.

“Every community will be equitably addressed in terms of their development intervention necessary and a number of priorities and more less like a long list of requests were generated towards ensuring that the plan of action manifests itself in stimulating development, employment, increase of income,” the Amerindian Affairs Minister said.

In keeping with the government’s goal to make Guyana food secure, priority will be placed on agriculture and food security in the hinterland and riverine communities.

“And similarly, in the villages that also translate to what we would like to see secure in collaboration with the Amerindian village council and the village whereby agriculture will be paying some additional and probably more importantly focus on agriculture food security first and foremost to the village,” she added.

Priority will also be placed on women’s affairs, youth empowerment, infrastructure, eco-tourism, health, education, and training and development.

The government is seeking an additional $44 billion in supplementary funds to continue developmental projects across the various sectors.

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