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27 year old constable named best cop for Region Six

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

27-year old Courtney Sampson of Khotbradt Village East Bank Berbice and a rank attached to the Criminal Investigations Department has been working with the Guyana Police Force for over seven years.

He noted that he would have encountered many sleepless nights while going the extra mile to get the work given the love he has for the job.

Sampson believes that in order to achieve success, one has to work hard and demonstrate dedication to the job.

His motivation for joining the Guyana Police Force was his drive to solve crime and seeing the impact the use of drugs can have on the lives of people, especially the youths.

He added that he would continue to strive for excellence during his time with the force.

“I always plan on working hard because as I said without hard work you can't get anywhere because if you decided to sit back because of an award then that doesn’t make sense what's the purpose if you work hard today and you got it today that means you doesn’t have to work hard tomorrow, you have to continue to work hard”

Sampson also encouraged other ranks to remain committed to the profession and to not be influenced into participating in wrongdoings.

Meanwhile, 43 other ranks within Region Six were also awarded for their outstanding performance throughout 2022.

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