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21 households in Mahdia under water

The town of Mahdia in Potaro-Siparuni (Region Eight) is currently experiencing massive flooding caused by heavy rainfall.

Twenty-one households are affected by the massive flooding, which has damaged equipment and food supplies, among other valuables.

According to a report from the Regional Democratic Council, seen by MTV News Update, three areas are experiencing floods in the town; Tumatumari, 7 Miles, and Wrong Turn.

Officers in the field are yet to verify the number of farms and livestock that have been affected.

According to Youlanda Adams, the flood was a surprise, especially as the magnitude of it was never seen before in the township. She told our team that she left for work yesterday and has not returned home because of the rising level of the flood waters. Adams said the flood is forcing her to work overtime.

Youlanda Adams [Photo: MTV News Update/ June 21, 2022]

“It affecting me very badly because I worked last night and I can’t go home. I got my husband to take out some picture, my bed underwater, all my clothes fall down in the water because it went on a stand and it fall down. So, everything soak, my kitchen soak.”

To further compound the gravity of the situation, the shop her husband operates was also flooded, and goods were destroyed.

“My rice damage up and my sugar damage up in the shop. The next shop opposite me flood out. The play park over the road flood out too,” Adams reported.

Another resident, Peter, who is a miner, told MTV News Update that he is unsure of his next move, as his means of survival have been damaged.

He stated that he retired to bed last evening while it was raining, leaving his gold detector in the living room. However, he was awakened by the sound of water in his home. What he discovered was about 12 inches of water in his home.

“This morning I go so boom and put my foot down, is in water. I didn’t even realise water raise up so high.”

The RDC’s report says drinking water was made available to the affected residents in Tumatumari. Officers are continuing to monitor the situation.


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