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14 year old missing after leaving to use the washroom, Aunt appeals for him to return home

Simeon- the missing teen

Fourteen year old Simeon went missing last Wednesday in the vicinity of Regent and King Streets. His aunt, Sylvanna Selby is a Regent Street vendor of various items.

Selby related that her nephew who attends the Tucville Secondary School was helping her sell when he told her he was leaving to go to the washroom at a store on Regent Street.

After some time had passed and the teen did not return, she went to check for him but he was nowhere in sight.

When she asked persons around the vicinity if they saw him, all the answers she received were “no.”

“I don’t’ too sure why he do it he is a child like if he do something wrong and you scold him about it, he don’t talk but he just do things […] sometimes you ask him what’s wrong with you, “nothing aunty” but you have to really get down to him to ask he what’s bothering he and who encourage he to move and whatever is the case,” the emotional aunt told MTV News Update in an interview.

The woman said she has filed a police report at the Alberttown Police Station but despite police efforts, they have been unable to locate her nephew.

The teen's distressed aunt speaking with MTV News Update, Reana Griffith

Simeon was last seen wearing a cream shirt with flowers and blue jeans. One distinguishing feature on his body is a “little dent on his forehead.”

The distressed aunt is appealing to her nephew to return home.

“I want to tell him that Simeon I love you very much, everybody love you, your sister love you and she miss you. She is here she came this morning, your mommy wanted to see you and we wanted the safe return of you. Wherever you deh and you hearing this please come home whoever got you what you doing please stop doing it and come home.”

If anyone has seen or knows about Simeon’s whereabouts they are asked to contact his aunt on 617-3771 or the nearest police station.

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